VAMFIBO50’s Rise: Trading and Branding in Harmony


VAMFIBO50 is a France-based online trading platform, offering a comprehensive suite of trading tools and resources for both novice and experienced traders.






Challenges and goals:

The most significant challenge was instilling a sense of trust in users, given the sensitive nature of the online trading sector. Alongside this, the goals included a complete revamp of the website’s UI/UX, improvements in on-page SEO, establishing a distinct brand identity, and ensuring seamless web development.

Our Solution

UI/UX Design

Focused on creating an intuitive and transparent user interface and experience to establish credibility and trust.

Brand Identity

Worked to create a unique and trustworthy brand identity to stand out in a highly competitive and often skeptical market.

Web Development

Ensured smooth deployment of all new website elements, balancing aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency.

On-Page SEO Optimisation

Improved on-page elements, targeting meta tags, headlines, and keywords to elevate search engine rankings.

SEO Copywriting

Developed quality, SEO-friendly content aimed at building trust while also satisfying search engine algorithms.

Netlinking Strategy

Implemented a robust backlinking plan to further solidify online credibility and improve search engine visibility.

Impact & Results:

Our multi-faceted approach succeeded in creating a user-friendly, trustworthy platform with improved search engine visibility and a strengthened brand identity.

Color Palette

Colour is as important as symbols, it is key to creating identity and makes the brand unique. For Vamfibo50 we had to work with an existing palette, but modernise the colours a bit to give it more strength and life. The orange is closer to salmon, and the black is not black, but a very dark blue that matches perfectly.

The reasons why

As we said before, the work started with a brand redesign, creating a clean, professional and powerful identity, summarising the concept with a semantic resource. From there, we worked on strengthening the identity in each element, making the elements and sections of the website our own to create something very personal and user-friendly at the same time.

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