Sliiice: A Portfolio Showcase of Revolutionizing Subscription Sharing

About Sliiice

Sliiice is not just a service; it’s a game-changer in the world of subscription-based models. Born from the need to make subscriptions more accessible and cost-effective, we developed a platform that empowers individuals to share the cost and benefits of subscriptions seamlessly.





2022 – 2023

Challenges and goals:

The challenge was daunting: create a brand-new subscription-sharing platform capable of navigating the intricate labyrinth of secure payments, multiple currencies, and diverse pricing models. All the while, the need to prioritize user privacy and payment security amplified the complexity of the task at hand.

Our Solution

UI/UX Design

Our team architected a user interface that makes sharing subscriptions as intuitive as a few clicks, ensuring a smooth user journey from start to finish.

Brand Identity

To stand out in a competitive market, we designed a brand that exudes trust, efficiency, and community, aligning perfectly with the platform’s mission.

Web Development

We navigated through the complexities of secure payment gateways and data protection to deliver a robust platform that’s both secure and scalable.

Impact & Results:

Sliiice has made its mark as a functional and reliable platform in the subscription-sharing ecosystem. It’s not just a site; it’s a community of shared interests and affordability. Through diligent web development and design, we’ve provided effective solutions to the technical challenges at hand, setting Sliiice on a path towards becoming a significant player in the market.

Color Palette

Colour is as important as symbols, it is key to creating identity and makes the brand unique. For Sliiice we created a particular palette, with primary colours as the driving force, and neutrals for balance.

The reasons why

The challenge with Sliiice was first to create a brand that describes the service, both literally and conceptually, but without falling into the obvious. With the identity achieved, colours defined and a style in mind, work was done on every element of the website, the platform and every piece of brand communication.

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