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Successful App Development: idea, design, development, hosting, maintenance & marketing – all under one roof

Transform your customer experience with a state-of-the-art app. Create innovative services, build brand loyalty, and make your mark in the industry. We’ll guide you to your desired result, every step of the way.

From the idea to the concept and the finished app in just a few months!

Our recipe for your successful app

Transform your app idea into reality, no matter the industry or purpose. We’re here to make the journey easier for you. You don’t have to figure out on your own what your users really want and how you should design and develop your app.

We will help you and accompany you every step of the way so that you:

Understand exactly what your users really want, ensuring your app will be loved and used.
Creating an engaging app that isn’t just fun and easy to use, but truly helpful, that your users will actually buy.
Plan a realistic budget with a reliable timeline for a stress-free journey.
Build an app that smoothly integrates with your current systems, infrastructure, and tools.
Implement a development process that offers you flexibility, transparency and expert advice for your strategy, conception and development.

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Dating Apps

Travel and Tourism Apps

Event Management Apps

Entertainment App

Educational Apps

Health and Fitness Apps

Social Media & Peer-to-Peer Apps

Productivity Apps

Systematic agile app development

As app development experts, we guide you through each stage of the app creation journey. Our process includes the following steps:

Formulating an App Strategy & Concept →

Objective Advice on Technology Selection →

Definition of App Use Cases & User Flows →

Validation of Requirements →

Definition of integration scenarios and data flows →

Creation of the app designs →

Agile development of your app →

App Launch →

Continuous improvements

App expertise that inspires confidence

No matter if it’s Android, iOS, custom, native, hybrid, or cross-platform: we systematically assist businesses across a diverse range of sectors and cater to an extensive variety of needs.


Innovative Application connecting students and business owners

Point S

Multifunctional Franchise applications for the international company Point S


Subscription sharing application in 4 languages


A challenge Custom Web App

Other customers who benefit from our expertise

Free Expert Consultation

Are you looking for a partner for the strategic planning and implementation of your app?

We would be happy to offer you a non-binding consultation.

Expect these results:

You will receive a free and non-binding preview of a rough project roadmap to ensure rapid acceptance of your app by your target audience.
You will receive an initial cost estimate for your app project.
You will receive a process model to validate what your user group wants and needs.
This gives you a crystal clear idea of ​​the next steps for app development and how we can help you with it.

Our team

1 fixed contact person & global scalability

To ensure the utmost performance for our clients, we’ve been deploying projects since 2016.

A dedicated project manager will guide and support you throughout the entire project. With a powerful team of experienced digital professionals, you receive comprehensive expertise without the concern of staffing shortages that local companies often face.

Our teams consistently deliver high-quality results. You will benefit from agile methods and processes that offer you complete transparency, flexibility and control of your project.

Client Testimonials:

How They Experience Our Collaboration

David Charreyron | Administrative director - A/tout THÉÂTRE

Congratulations on the site and the effort you’ve put in. All of the actors we deal with are blown away by the result, and I’ve already received feedback from a client who was concerned that the rates would rise due to our progress on the site, so I’m thrilled and grateful to have come through you. An actual increase in client requests resulted from fine-tuned optimization, as well as feedback from former customers who were unaffected by the change but saw our offer scale up. Our only regret is that we did not contact All-In Factory sooner.

Marco Tribuiani | Account Manager - Netino By Webhelp

All-in Factory is a serious agency that goes beyond expectations, proving to be strong in proposals and very relevant in each intervention. During our collaboration, they perfectly mastered the subjects related to SEO and Social Media Management. The multicultural team is particularly advantageous: it can provide the same quality of work in several languages.

Eduard Schamber | CEO & Founder - Filmustry

We did a rebranding for my company together and this needed a whole new Design, Website and Identity. The Team of All-In Factory has really creative ideas, a great feeling for design and lots off technical skills regarding analysis and SEO. I had a tight schedule to get a dynamic, modern and effective website for my new brand ready, to connect with new customers on an important german fair. All-In Factory was very ambitious to hit that goal in time… and they did! Thank you very much.

Paul Emmanuel Renault | Founder & CEO - Esprit Calme

Excellent communication (it’s more important than one might think). Good listening skills to understand the situation. Tailored proposals and execution as promised for a reasonable fee. AllInFactory is a serious company with dedicated professional participants. Three things were important to me: professionalism, engagement, human business relationship, execution, and price… deal concluded.

Pawel Skalski | Social Media Manager - Desigual

The strengths of the CM team at All-In Factory lie in their capacity for managing communities in multiple languages, as well as in their clear and effective communication, originality, and impeccable spelling…

Alex Braunagel | Managing Partner - Cosynex

Great Service and professional way of working. Offered full service for my website creation, including Design, SEO, maintenance and advises regarding my business goals.
Thanks guys!

In a nutshell:

What distinguishes us as an app agency from others ?

We are more than just executors; we are partners.

Our unique value lies in our proactive approach. We don’t just take instructions and run with them – we actively engage, question tasks and requirements and offer strategic insights.

Our goal is to truly understand your business objectives, enabling us to provide informed advice and solutions that align with your goals.
Experience this approach in a free strategy consultation with us.

Successful app development

Request strategy advice & initial consultation now for your app

We would be happy to offer you a consultation on your planned app development.
In it you will receive:

A free and non-binding preview of a rough project roadmap to ensure rapid acceptance of your app by your target audience.

An initial cost estimate of your app project

A process model to validate what your user group wants and needs.

A crystal clear idea of ​​the next steps for the app development and how we can help you with it.

Simply fill out this form:

In order to deliver the content you’re looking for, it’s necessary for us to store and process your personal data. If you agree to let us store your personal data for this reason, please check the box above. You can withdraw your consent at any moment. The conditions of our current data protection policy apply.

By clicking submit, you’re giving All-In Factory permission to store, process, and use the personal information you’ve provided above to communicate with you.


  • Generally, the app development process can take anywhere between 3 to 9 months. However, this timeline can vary based on the complexity of the app and the specific needs of your project. At All-In Factory, we prioritise clear communication and efficiency to ensure your app is ready for launch as soon as possible.

  • The budget for app development can significantly vary based on the features, complexity, and platform. On average, you can expect to budget anywhere from 10,000€ for a simple app to over 100,000€ for a more complex app with multiple features. All-In Factory offers a free consultation to provide a rough estimate of costs for your specific app project.

  • Freelancers may be fitting for minor projects with fewer complexities, but managing them becomes intricate as you’ll need to handle coordination, testing, and project management independently.
    Agencies like All-In Factory, however, offer a full range of expertise under one roof, relieving you of the management burden. Our team, ranging from app developers to project managers, collaboratively work towards your project’s success. We don’t just execute but also provide strategic advice based on our industry experience. As your partner, we deliver regular project updates and handle all internal coordination and testing, thereby offering a more streamlined and efficient development process.

  • A user-friendly app is built on a deep understanding of its target audience. This involves designing engaging, intuitive user interfaces, defining clear use cases, and thoroughly testing the app for usability. At All-In Factory, we specialise in user-centric design and development to create apps that resonate with your audience.

  • Understanding your user’s needs and delivering value are key to creating a loved app. We use user research, persona creation, and UX/UI best practices to ensure we develop an app that resonates with your target audience.

  • Starting app development requires a clear concept, including your app’s purpose, target audience, and problem it solves. Specifications on design and functionality are beneficial. These details should be organised in a requirements document, which All-In Factory can help you formulate. Our team will review and use this as the foundation for the development, ensuring all phases align with your vision and goals.

  • Ensuring the quality and performance of your app is of paramount importance. At All-In Factory, we adhere to rigorous testing procedures and quality control measures to ensure your app is high-performing and bug-free. Our agile development methodology allows us to spot and fix issues early in the process, ensuring a superior final product.

  • Data security and privacy are at the forefront of our app development process at All-In Factory. We adhere to global data protection standards and employ the best security practices to ensure your app is secure and your user’s data is protected.

All-In Factory S.L.

All-In Factory is a comprehensive digital agency catering to a variety of digital projects, including web development, software development, app development, marketing strategy, and support.

With us, you gain access to a wealth of expertise for strategizing, conceiving, and implementing your digital project.

In partnership with you, we evolve and enhance your digital project – from its conception to development, through content creation, and marketing campaigns, all grounded on efficient methodologies and agile processes.

Your target audience and corporate objectives are at the core of our collaboration – propelling your project towards continuous success!

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