InternPreneur: A Portfolio Showcase of Building the Ultimate Internship Platform

About InternPreneur

InternPreneur is not just a platform; it’s a bridge that closes the gap between ambitious students and innovative startups offering international internships. In a world where opportunities are vast but scattered, we created a nexus point that is as intuitive as it is efficient.




2022 – 2023

Challenges and goals:

The ambition was twofold: design an interface that felt like second nature to its users and build a brand that would stand out in an already crowded field. The client aimed to be the go-to platform for students and recruiters alike. We navigated through the maze of UI/UX Design, digital branding, and search engine algorithms to not just meet but exceed these expectations.

Our Solution

UI/UX Design

Our design philosophy centered around the user. We engineered an intuitive layout that resonates with the expectations of both students and recruiters.

Brand Identity

We sculpted a brand persona that is both relatable and memorable, ensuring that InternPreneur would be a name synonymous with trust and quality.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our omni-channel approach spanned SEO, SEM, and SEO Copywriting, establishing the platform as an authority in the digital realm.

Technical Brilliance

On-page SEO Optimisations and landing page strategies ensured that the brand not only looks good but performs with agility.

Social Media

Leveraging targeted social media campaigns, we extended the brand’s reach, making it a familiar name in relevant online communities.

Impact & Results:

The project successfully launched a new brand in the competitive field of international internships. User engagement has been positive from the outset, indicating that the platform effectively addresses the needs of both students and recruiters. Our SEO and digital marketing strategies have laid a strong foundation for increasing online visibility, setting the stage for future growth.

Color Palette

Colour is as important as symbols, it is key to creating identity and makes the brand unique. With InternPreneur we created a very diverse colour palette, thinking not only about the brand identity but also about all its communication and the different targets.

The reasons why

At InternPreneur the challenge was first to achieve an identity that reflects all that it means to undertake, learn and work. To achieve this we merged the initial letters of the name (the I and the P) to achieve a symbol that reflects working together, mobility and the starting point. We then worked on expanding this new identity to all channels, both on social networks and on the web and platform.

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